January / February / March

After a relatively mild winter, marked by the absence of real cold weather, the 4,543 vines at Tire-Savate have again this year been cut in
single Guyot, 6 spurs per branch..

This short stature associated with other tillage (grassing every other row and de-budding) allows us to control the growth of the vine and
to limit cropping to 35-40hl/ha.
This control contributes to the extreme concentration of our grapes, guaranteed quality for the development of our cuvee Loups Noirs.

The woods were drawn : those not selected for the strip were cut and placed between the rows of vines before being crushed,
allowing a supply of organic matter to the soil.

The next step ahead is the folding of the branches and the work of the soil ...

April-May-June :

An early spring, with calm conditions, allowed the vegetation to start growing at an astonishing pace, before the arrival of rain, accompanied by a decrease in temperature which raised concerns about spring frosts. Candles were even planned to warm the heart of the vines, if necessary.

Tillage, undertaken during April, allowed weeding between the rows without using herbicides. Improvement of the water supply to the soil promoted microbe life, resulting in a soil with better nourishment and more life...

You will notice that alternate rows are grassed: This vegetation competes with the vines: thus yields can be perfectly controlled to obtain more concentrated grapes.

Regarding work on the vines, this period is focussed on the trellising, de-budding and suckering. Trellising is to bring all branches between the upright supports placed at mid-height, process which increases the leaf surface exposed to the sun... Photosynthesis, the process of transforming sap into sugar, is thus performed in an optimal manner.

Photosynthesis : 6CO2 + 6H2O + sunlight -> C6H12O6 + 6O2
Carbon Dioxide + Water + Sun -> Sugars + Oxygen

During de-budding, all unnecessary branches and buds are removed, leaving only the branches conducive to the production of grapes and those for future growth: with suckering, the same operation is performed, but affecting only the branches emerging from the base of the vine.

Flowering is underway and will be completed around 15th June, which would have been expected at this stage, similar to the 2005 vintage.