The Domaine of Nerleux, Black Wolves in old French, is based in St Cyr en Bourg for 9 generations. This 47 hectares family property will charm you with its  buildings dating from the XVII and XVII century, constructed from tuffeau stone. Tuffeau, is the limestone rock of our region is also the essential component from our soils. A generous soil, with the ability to absorbe excess water and then return it at the most appropriate moment which results in ample and subtle wines with sleek tannins.




Combining traditional and modern methods, Régis and Amélie do everything they can to offer you not only wines typical of our appellation but also some more surprising wines. Regularly recognised with awards, the wines reflect the expertise of wine growers who are committed to preserve the heritage that was handed to them.



 Our planting comprises :

- 38 hectares of Cabernet franc (Saumur Champigny, Crémant de Loire rosé, Saumur rosé)

- 8 hectares of Chenin (Saumur Blanc, Coteaux de Saumur, Crémant de Loire blanc & rosé)

- 1 hectare of Chardonnay (Crémant de Loire blanc)