1870 :   Eugène NEAU, born to a winemaker’s family in St Cyr en Bourg, bought the Domaine of Nerleux in order to expand his vineyard. He then handed it down to Eugène, his son, who in turn did the same with his son, Robert.


1936 :   Robert NEAU, is joined by his son, also named Robert, who  comes to lend a hand to his father.

Photo taken in 1953 with 3 generations of the Neau family : the 2 Roberts and Régis, then only a few years old. 




1974 :   Régis joins his parents on the Domaine, which had expanded to18 hectares of vineyards by this time.





1989 :   Elisabeth leaves her job in teaching in order to join her husband in the vineyard.





2010 :   Amélie, their daughter,  returns to the Domaine,  after working in the banking sector. The family tradition continues…