Saumur Champigny AOC. One of the best red wines of the Loire Valley. Mainly Vinified from cabernet franc grappes, planted on clay limestone soil. Some cuvees are light and fruity, others are more complex e- and full-bodied.
Saumur Blanc AOC. Dry white wine, fruity and elegant, resulting from Chenin grappes, planted on clay limestone soil. This wine is characterised by a nice freshness and an excellent unified taste.
Côteaux de Saumur AOC. This amazing sweet white wine is made only in great vintage years, thanks to a late harvest of Chenin. Excellent wine to lay down, this wine is made with ‘noble rot’. It is characterised by an exceptional balance of sugar and acidity.
Crémant de Loire AOC. Various grape varieties could be used to produce these thin bubbles: Chenin, Chardonnay, Caberbet Franc… Mainly cuvees are vinified using the ‘methode champenoise’ (the traditional method for sparkling wine), but some are made by old methods, with no sugar added (extra dry).
Saumur Rosé AOC, better known as Cabernet de Saumur. This rosé wines is produced with grappes of cabernet franc. With a maximum of 10 grams of sugar per litre, this rosé wine is soft and dry. Its mouth has a nice vivacity which is balanced with its round and unctuous aspect.