Coteaux de Saumur – Les Loups Dorés

100 % Chenin
Exotic fruit flavours with a woody, very thin and delicate palate
Aperitif, foie gras, blue cheese (Fourme d'Ambert ...) apple or apricot tarts, desserts with white fruit
Decanting advised, conservation for a lifetime
Vintage 2016 :
- Silver Medal - Competition of Ligers 2017
- Gold Medal Competition of Saumur Wines 2018

Known and recognised, despite the highly confidential side of the appellation, our sweet wines are unique in not being too sweet. Indeed, I have always been very attentive to harvest the grapes early enough (for late harvest) in order to keep freshness and a good balance between the most pleasant sweetness and vivacity…

Régis NEAU